SM 20W - 40 4T
Features & Benefit :
  • Grip to your motor framing an additional layer that secures during fire up and beyond.
  • Bond to metal surfaces to make motor parts more resistant to wear
  • Are joined with semi-synthetic innovation to give expanded security in high and low-temperature applications
  • Provide consistent security for all driving conditions, styles and temperatures
  • Delivers superior execution under outrageous cold fire up conditions comparative with thicker evaluation
  • Quantity :- 900 ML & 1 LTR

This semi-synthetic motor oil from the Indian organization LB Lubricants are intended for use with wet-grip applications. It's particularly designed to meet or surpass the performance needs of four-stroke bikes in the present market.

The oil incorporates no-grinding modifiers to guarantee the greatest execution and gives wonderful film quality over a wide scope of temperatures.

It certainly keeps the motor looking clean, even after a couple of thousand miles, and changing gears is smoother as well. This oil is reasonable for a wide scope of bikes and it's an incredible choice at the cost point. Note - this is 20W-40 semi-synthetic oil and designed for use with wet grasps. You'll require an alternate formula for non- wet grasp applications.

Most bike motor oils are designed to improve your bike's increasing speed by improving motor transmission quality. However, not many products can match LB Turbo. The LB Turbo semi-synthetic bike oil, through its novel oil blend formula, considers superior speeding up at the touch of your throttle. This enables your motor to move quickly with little friction. The LB Turbo semi-synthetic oil is affordable motor oil that offers extraordinary enhancements to your bike's transmission.

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