SAE 20W - 40 SL
Features & Benefit :
  • Protects from engine stress.
  • Extreme temperature protection.
  • Superior piston cleanliness.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Motor pressure
  • Extreme temperature insurance
  • Extreme force and execution
  • Superior cylinder neatness
  • Better efficiency

If you are searching for motorbike oil that will give your motor the best refinement, at that point, LB Puro+ is your smartest bet. This engine oil has been planned to make gear moving simpler with little weight on the switch. It is a semi-synthetic bike oil.

If you are a performance enthusiast, LB Puro+ semi-synthetic is the ideal oil/product for your bike. It is designed with improved oil film resistance for better execution at high temperatures and start-up. Its innovation limits inner motorcycle engine friction, giving improved execution and effectiveness.

This semi-synthetic oil is made to last more. Its excellent shear resistance secures your motor as well as your gearbox, bringing about smooth moving and inconvenience free execution.

This product has a strong fan following - thanks to its viscosity and stability. People that use this oil report hearing their engine run smoother and sound better.

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