20W – 40 SL
Features & Benefit :
  • Better fuel economy
  • Improved high-temperature performance
  • Increased effectiveness at low temperatures
  • Outstanding engine protection
  • Greater environmental protection
  • Quantity :- 900 ML & 1 LTR

If your bike motor delivers a huge amount of noise, it could be a result of the absence of oil or heat created when metal parts rub facing one another. LB Puro Lite semi-synthetic engine oil has been uniquely mixed to grease up your motor with consistent flexibility of oil. This oil is also specially designed to limit motor commotion.

The LB Puro Lite semi-synthetic engine oil is additionally intended to spare your motor from harmful debris. This formula is ideal for running hot, which means you can ride for longer without stressing over motor harm. It also offers smoother quickening and transmission for consistent riding experience.

For superior speeding up, this is the best bike motor oil. Your bike's motor will encounter less motor friction. The individuals who use this oil have the only applause for conveying on its guarantee.

This oil is one of the favorite who has an enthusiasm for active performance of their bike. Clients report expanded steadiness and oil for max power.

LB Lubricants ensures you'll have ideal wet grip commitment. If that isn't sufficient, your motor will likewise have security from oxidation. This additionally keeps corruption from high temperatures. These advantages make it outstanding amongst other manufactured cruiser oil alternatives.

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