SM 20W – 40
Features & Benefit :
  • Maximum power output.
  • Superior execution as far as oxidation stability.
  • Excellent wear insurance at high temperatures and extreme working conditions.
  • Outstanding generally motor neatness.
  • Enhanced motor life.
  • Higher eco-friendliness.
  • Quantity :- 900 ML & 1 LTR

LB Lubricants engine oils are explicitly formulated for use in present-day, high-firing up and four-stroke motorcycles of all varieties. Also, if your bike's motor indicates 20W-40 SM oil, this is for you.

The base oil is semi-synthetic and contains higher than normal measures of zinc and phosphorus, which help to ensure your motor against mileage. You can likewise hope to see an improvement in wet-clutch activity.

The base blend utilized by LB Lubricants for its engine oils is superior grade and 100% semi-synthetic, which has a significant effect with regards to viscosity. It's thicker and stickier than other 50W oils and it holds up especially well after some time and at high temperatures.

As you'd expect, premium-grade oil accompanies an exceptional price tag. Yet, this is a budget-friendly bottle of oil, and except, if you truly know some things about bikes, you probably won't notice any distinction. On an ordinary road bike, for instance, explicit improvement in execution is most likely going to be negligible.

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