10W – 30SL
Features & Benefits :-
  • Protection And Execution Under High Temperature And Stress.
  • Smooth And Clean Motor Maintenance.
  • Complies With Catalyst Equipped Engine Requirements.
  • Higher Fuel Efficiency.
  • Faster Initial Pickup.

LB Natural is a specially formulated semi-synthetic motor oil. Molecules stick to metal surfaces like a magnet to diminish motor wear. This sticking activity gives moment protection from the second the motor turns over.

LB Lubricants surpasses industry norms for fighting sludge. LB Turbo cleans away existing sludge. At the same time, it battles the arrangement of new sludge too. Higher thickness engine oils are mainstream where it is suitable to utilize them.

If you are searching for an affordable oil that different riders support, this is your oil.

This semi-synthetic oil is popular for its more extended life and high-temperature resistance. Devotees of those oil report that their motors make less noise and experience fewer leaks. Also, it has a thickness rating of 10W-30 SL.

Bike motors that don't use high-quality oil are substantially more liable to get messy and debased. For motor tidiness, this 10W-30 SL oil from LB Lubricants is profoundly positioned. It gives a high level of peak motor transmission execution.

Another of its extraordinary characteristics is its protection from warm breakdown. And it likewise greases up motors well, which encourages your bike to arrive at its most extreme strength. High-firing up bikes can deliver a ton of heat, yet this oil is designed to withstand hot conditions, so you don't need to stress over harsh and extreme riding.

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