Product Details

Features & Benefits :-
  • Highest Oxidation Stability and Has An Oustanding Anti-wear Performance
  • Provides Better System Efficiency
  • Reduce the effects of moisture on system components.
  • Mobile hydraulic fluid power transmission systems
  • Stable Under High Temperatures.

LB Hydra 68 Hydraulic Oil is an exceptional quality inhibited from rust and Oxidation. It has been formulated with anti-wear fluid containing zinc/phosphorous preservatives to minimalize wear and tear of the system components.

LB Hydra 68 Provides An Excellent warm solidness, anti-foam, rust, and oxidation insurance in high velocity, high-pressure vane, gear, and piston pumps working over a wide temperature range.

Appropriate for a broad scope of tools, including modern manufacturing, earthmoving, building, and farming plant and machinery.

Recommended for revolving vane and gear pumps, reciprocating and axial piston pumps, floor jacks, and bottle jacks.

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