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Welcome to LB Lubricants. We are a parent company of one of the well-known IT firm in its Field, “Lathiya Brothers”. LB Lubricants began its excursion towards greatness in the year 2020 is well known among the regarded manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting of Bike Engine Oils. We are manufacturing a wide range of Highly Qualified and Premium Segment Lubricants such as LB Puro Plus, LB Puro Lite, LB Natural and LB Premium and we are constantly improving our product’s lubricity with new Advancements and Innovations within the continuous Research And Development.

Our skilled and qualified staff is making a significant difference in powering LB lubricants oil, which will give more power to your engine. Our management leadership is to ensure quality and flexibility to our customers. LB Lubricants is growing on the important pillars of consistent quality products, efficient services and 100% customer satisfaction to our customers.

LB Lubricants’ aim is to make good relationship with clients, to be stable and survive in the market for Profitability and growth.

We guarantee the best quality bike engine oils that go through our brand name. Our items are made utilizing great base oils and distinctive execution upgrading added substances. Bike experts guarantee that our lubricants are set up on a legitimate extent to encourage the prevention of free working of the vehicles.

We know that when your bike is in peak condition, it offers you a high degree of reliability and enhanced control, Which Gives You An Enjoyable Ride Experience. To Keep Your Motorcycle In Pristine Functioning Condition, You Will Have To Use An Extremely Good Quality Engine Oil. When oil debases, it can make contact that decreases motor effectiveness and prompts power misfortune (loss). The debasement of oil can be predicted with lubricant i.e. grease added substances.

We at LB Lubricants store, offering different types of Lubricants products such as LB Puro Plus, LB Puro Lite, LB Natural and LB Premium. We have designed a range of products for different bikes with a product portfolio of 4T motorcycle and scooter oil with a displacement range from 125cc to 200cc engines.

When the oil is overheated, it actually disintegrates artificially; this is because the speed of this breakdown depends on the type of oil and temperature. Usually, it’s a good idea of changing the oil every 2,000 miles but if you use LB Lubricants oil then it lasts till 3,000 to 4,000 miles. Our oil does not corrupt between oil changes, so your vehicle can perform at its supreme.

Our vision is to be the chief Indian ointment fabricating organization generally appreciated for its quality items, dependable execution and best assistance with a view-point of worldwide greatness.

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